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Introduction Now here's a little message for you. All you baller playa's got some insecurities too, that you could cover up, bling it up, cash in and ching ching it up, hope no one will bring it up, lock it down and string it up. Or you can share your essence with us, 'cause everything about you couldn't be rugged and ruff. And even though you tote a glock and you're hot on the streets, if you dare to share your heart, we'll nod our heart to its beat. And you should do that, if nothing else, to prove that a player like you could keep it honest and true. Don't mean to call your bluff but mothaf*cka that's what I do. You got platinum chain then, son, I'm probably talking to you. And you can call your gang, your posse and the rest of your crew. And while you're at it get them addicts and the indigent too. I plan to have a whole army by the time that I'm through to load their guns with songs they haven't sung.