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Occupation Clinical Researcher
Location Earth, The Universe, United States
Introduction I am a writer. I am a mother. I am a female citizen of this blue/green ball we're all traveling on together. I write as an exhale of gratitude for the blessings of this life. It is my sincere hope as I put words to page and thoughts to form - I might inspire my children and others to do the same...and through these expressions, these explorations, these exhales...we might all create a bit more which is good and beautiful in this world.
Interests People and their stories; especially older people. Courage, Open-hearted risk taking, Open-minded travel, Philanthropy, Reading, Writing, Listening, Art, and soul-full music of all sorts.
Favorite Movies Invictus
Favorite Music You name it - I love it! Music is my air, my food and water. I love thought-full lyrics and solo guitar licks. Carlos Santana is my personal hero; talk about a soulful risk taker! I admire songwriters who are brave in their art, musicians willing to sing out and above the petty to what is possible with the gift of music. Love street musicians best of all because they get up, they go out, and they give!
Favorite Books Farther Than The Eye Can See by Erik Weihenmayer, Journey To Center by Thomas Crum, Critical Path by R.Buckminster Fuller, There's No Such Place as Far Away by Richard Bach, Toxic Feedback by Joni B. Cole.

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