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Introduction I grew up a girly girl in a family led by strong women. I had no brothers and most of cousins are girls. I did ballet, I admired Jane Eyre, I studied feminist theory. I like quiet and clean. I still twirl when I try on a new dress. My favorite color is still pink. I knit, I sew, I bake and I embraced my inner fertility goddess by giving birth naturally to – boys!! My boys love diggers, trains, fast cars and monster trucks. They could name make and model before they were two. They’re loud and messy and can't find things that are right in front of them. And so, like most queens, I found myself ruling over a foreign country, surrounded by a people I don’t understand. So when things here on Mars descend into chaos, I try to stitch it back together. And just when I was finally learning how to appreciate the ways of these strange creatures, Mars shifted a little in its orbit and we welcomed a princess to the island of the lost boys! Who knows what will happen now? But it will definitely include lots more stitching! This is the record of the order, fun, and beauty I try to make out of the everyday. I hope you like it.