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Industry Arts
Occupation Painter / teacher
Location San Diego, CA, United States
Introduction San Francisco Art Institute
Interests Drawing, painting, galleries, museums, books and magazies about all the previous subjects. The ocean, travel, movies, the making of movies, bios, human behavior, psychology, the brain
Favorite Movies I love movies but I don't have a favorite. I have favorite scenes in movies. In fear and loathing I love the bat scene and Depp wearing 1970 leisure suits.The old version of Metropolis, Brazil, especially all the paperwork scenes - and the one where paper blows in and covers the person and all the surroundings. I like Over the Hedge. I like parts of Monty Python. "The Young Ones". Harold and Maude. Foreign films. Thinking films. Movies completely change my state of mind - they are magical - I'm so happy we have access to so many movies.
Favorite Music Variety. I love music it changes my mood but I don't seek out music. I let my friends choose stuff for me.
Favorite Books So many choices, I have to think about this one. I love intense reality yet fiction. Ultimately I'm really boring and I read biographys and I self help /how to do stuff books (ie Heloise - how to get wax out of the carpet crazy useful mom stuff) I also love colorful well made childrens books.

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

Random computer generated question - It will be made out of full (colorful) window cleaning bottles and colorful medicine cabinet objects like Q-tips and tooth paste. I guess I better do something worth commemorating - soon.