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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Location United States
Introduction I am a middle aged homo-sapien who loves life. A peaceful and harmonious co-existence by all is most desirable. Rodney King once said, "why can't we all get along" and Rodney speaks for me. Happy smiley faces make my day. Smart people and good conversationalists are my most favorite persons. I have a strong affinity to water and for proximity, I have an aquarium with a variety of freshwater inhabitants therein. Photography is one of my hobbies. Freedom is God's gift to mankind! I also like to travel; partying provides me with much needed decompression outlet of life and also serves as a refreshing elixir! I like to socialize! I am the Facilitator of Icheoku.com and periodically contributes to articles therein.I am a registered democrat but likes some philosophies of the republican party such as right to bear arms as protected by the second amendment; in other words, I am what may be termed a conservative 'blue-dog' democrat but who believes women should reserve the right to do with their body whatever they so please! Thank you for visiting Icheoku, and please help us to spread the word. Smile, you are on Icheoku!
Interests the mind of men - what are they always thinking?; painting; starring at water (pool, ocean, river, bay, water in a glassjar etc); watching squirrels at the park
Favorite Movies godfather 1-3
Favorite Music fire in a trenchtown by u-roy
Favorite Books godfather by mario puzo; things fall apart by chinua achebe;