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Occupation Stay at Home Mom *high fives self*
Location Arizona, United States
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Introduction As I think "About Me", I look around myself to pull inspiration. My daughter climbs up the couch to my side. Clapping her knees repeatedly, she makes herself comfortable by digging her dimpled elbow deep into my hip. My husband sprawls out to my other side and insists, "Tomorrow is his birthday, and that is why he must commence a 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' marathon." My oldest daughter is out of sight. I'd like to say she's doing something whimsical-hunting frogs or writing a letter to a pen pal...but I think she's just watching this show about pre-teen break dancers on the office computer. To my diagon (a word I just invented meaning "diagonally from me"), I admire our 100 year old 24 panel window. Six panels tall, and four panels wide, I see a graph of the beauty of the Arizona desert as the sun sets. It reminds me of my relationship with the Original Artist. I am now wondering if I really invented the word "diagon", or am just using it misappropriately. I wonder if I have used my punctuation appropriately. I decide I am too cool (lazy) to look it up and correct myself. Now, you may think this is just some stuff that happened, but this is what I consider to be, "About Me".