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Introduction When I graduated high school my friends and teachers thought I was going to be somebody (at least I'm pretty sure they did). I am smart, talented and a great leader (and did I mention humble? ;-)). In college I flitted around from thing to thing never quite finding my niche after my dreams of joining the military were squashed by a combination of injuries, medical issues and falling in love with a man who liked to stay in one place. Eventually I found my calling. No, I'm not a great engineer, or a test pilot, or an astronaut, or even a forest ranger (all jobs I considered). My calling was to be a wife and mother. A job I was and am told is very old fashioned and outdated. A job with poor monetary compensation and crazy hours. A job that, done right, can be the most important one in the world (or at least the world of one small girl). It is the job I am proud to have and I would like to share my adventures with anyone willing to read.