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Occupation Speaker/Novelist/Freelance Writer
Location Sacramento, CA, United States
Introduction Who am I? I'm Danie Marie and I'm 5'2", eyes of blue... Um, I guess that doesn't matter... What does matter is that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm also a wife, mother, and mother-in-love; a friend, a speaker, a novelist and I dabble in poetry when the mood strikes or words start pouring through my head. I've spent much of my life mentoring women, encouraging them in their faith, and teaching them to stand tall while on the battle lines. Tighten those boot straps ladies! I'm evangelical and I love opportunities to share my faith with others. Oh, and I love laughter!
Interests My loves are family, friends, reading, my birds (most birds!), Buddy (cockatiel) and Nicky (parakeet that I taught to talk), our Koi pond and God's creation...except for bugs and snakes. I'll have to ask Him about those... I also love to laugh and making others laugh, even if it means at me. I'll have to share some embarassing moments, that way you'll know what I'm talking about.
Favorite Movies Passion of the Christ, The Help, God's Not Dead
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian
Favorite Books Bible, The Left Behind Series

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With a peeler