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Industry Education
Occupation Teacher- Special Education
Location Campbell, CA, United States
Introduction I began blogging when I was diagnosed in Feb. 2008 with invasive breast cancer and needed surgery and chemotherapy; the blog was then a means to keep in touch with friends and family without running my cell phone bill up every billing cycle. Despite what I may feel at the dark, lonely 2 am hour, breast cancer is not who I am (although it's pretty much what I'll be doing for the next few months). I am a devout Catholic (a revert to the faith). So those are some of the big things. Little things...Um, ok... left handed, bookworm, introvert (melancholic- phlegmatic for you RC types, INFJ for the Meyers Briggs types) special ed teacher, loves pickles (got them for Christmas a few years ago and can make a darned good Polish Pickle soup), love "Lost", don't like sushi, have no interest in jumping out of airplanes but hang gliders might be peaceful, get very carsick, love animals, often dream about sharks and Disneyland (but never in the same dream); drive a non- descript, dirty white car with a pro life bumper sticker on it, no allergies except to penicillin, drug of choice is Vicks NyQuil, like Peets hot chocolate and Starbucks iced tea, coffee is gross and so is beer.
Interests reading, playing guitar, singing, swimming, Zumba, cancer, chemotherapy, breast cancer, Catholicism, disability, special needs, autism, down syndrome, cooking, Poland, pilgrimage, Medjugorje, cancer survivor, rosary, Eucharist, Franciscan University of Steubenville, breast cancer survivor, John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Pro Life
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, About A Boy, Man For All Seasons, Truman Show, Changing Lanes
Favorite Books Lord of the RIngs, Cry the Beloved Country, Flannery O'Connor, ... lots more.