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Gender Female
Location Australia
Introduction Merry Meet ..I am a mother of 3 magickal imps. All 3 have been and are being raised in Magick,love and the way of the Goddess.I have been a practising witch for 30 years..Many will say I am eclectic,a kitchen witch,a hedge witch , a strega..I dont much like labels..I simply walk in love and light the path the Goddess has given me in this life. I believe in natural parenting,natural birthing,breastfeeding until the child self weans,in cooking and concocting from the heart! I have been in involved with pagan parenting and raising little witches for over 12 years and firmly believe that every day brings us a lesson to be learnt.. With brightest of Blessings Greenwitchmama
Interests pagan parenting, extended breastfeeding, baby wearing, breastfeeding advice, wicca, witchcraft, hedgewitch, natural parenting