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Gender Female
Industry Advertising
Occupation Admin Executive
Location Singapore
Introduction I believe in being true to myself. Every body is an unique individual, so it is important to respect others preferences in life. Generic living - not taking more than is needed or doing less than needed is my motto in life. I like to jump from tree to tree, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually, except emotionally I hope I can exercise discretion and restraint. I dislike groundhog days and I love people who are extremely refreshing, esp. their insights and lifestyle, they make my being come alive.
Interests Life and nature. Loves to engage in any interests that can positively enhance my life with inherent positive spillover effect to those around me. These changes with age and seasons in life. From ball games like badminton, basketball to more solo sports like... Currently : Jogging and cycling. Avid reader- only non-fiction. Language - German. Experiment with healthy cooking - taste, texture, flavor and technique. Sustainable Living. Do-it-yourself home projects.
Favorite Movies Culinary - Julia and Julie. Fantasy - ranging from DC to Marvel comics superheroes, X-men, Transformers, Predators, Resident Evil. Indiana jones, Jurassic Park, Alien, etc. Trillers - James Bond to Jason Bourne, Transporters to Death Race and Fast and the Furious. War - All German war movies from the Black Book, U-571, Schindler's List to The Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Saving Private Ryan. Oldies - The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Ben-Hur, Breakfast at Tiffany Many more ....
Favorite Music Classical - Mozart, Chopin, Vienna Concert, Invitation to Dance, Du Pre Pop- Celine Dion and Barbra Steisand Jazz - Diana Krall New Age - Secret Garden, Sarah Brightman, Kevin Kern. Oldies - Neil Diamond, Anne Murray, Nat King Cole. ABBA.
Favorite Books I have read hundreds of books from political, to fantasy, to thriller, to psychology, to religion, to medical, to Science, etc and etc. There is no favorite. I read to devour knowledge.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Ha..ha.. I do not have an answer to this, but i do salute the chap who invented this useful pair of civilized cutlery, that our hands can be kept clean.