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Location Massachusetts
Introduction Life. It’s a funny thing. It’s also messy. And frustrating. And every disgusting, wonderful, exciting, torturous thing in between. Musings from a Sci-Fi Geek about life after Secondary Infertility with her husband (perpetual slob, life partner, friend, nemesis, fellow geek), her son (geeky, High Functioning Aspergers challenged, teen, video-game hogging, wisecracker), and her BTVS named daughter (hard fought IVF/ICSI sibling, giggle-puss, Girly-but-maybe-we-can-help-her-find-the-Geek-inside, cat torturer, and all around cutie-pie). Guest appearances by our pets: Kif, Delenn and Lennier- the cats; Congo, the turtle; and Introducing...Phoebe the hamster!
Interests Movies, science fiction, Buffy, Scrapbooking, reading, hiking, nature, photography, Spongebob, comics, Futurama, Family Guy, Indian Food, Chinese Food, history, web design.
Favorite Movies Recent Favs: Dark Knight; Wall-E; Tropic Thunder All times: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schlinder's List, Citizen Kane, Philadelphia Story, The Great Dictator...I like Movies!
Favorite Music Anything BUT Country!
Favorite Books Ummm..don't get me started...I LOVE books. All time favorites are too many to mention. Love graphic novels and history.

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Cool mud!