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Location United States
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Introduction I love to blog, and read magazines. I'm a great student in school, and I'm very interested in Fashion, and I play up to three sports at a time.
Interests Fashion, Music, Magazines, Blogs, Art, Animals, Science, School
Favorite Movies Twilight, Harry Potter, Mean Girls.
Favorite Music Pop, Katy Rose, Classical.
Favorite Books Twilight, Harry Potter, Little Pea, Generation Dead, Bloodline.

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Dear Aunt Hillary, Thank you for this beautiful new maple syrup rooster. There are lots of yummy things in this world, maple syrup and rooster being some of them. Now I can wake up in the morning with this beautiful new Rooster that dispenses yummy syrup out of his... well... Love you! -Kate