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Introduction Sweet Thunder and Boots are two mommies who failed at the social experiment of life and were subsequently REJECTED! These are their stories. Nonsensical banter; inane musings; and incessant pleas to live vicariously through you are your free gifts with purchase.
Interests Sweet Thunder: 1 - Evidently, writing in teeny tiny little boxes like this one. 2 - Occasionally strutting around my home in jammies pretending that I am capable of Dorothy-esque - think Golden Girls - zingers except threatening my mother with a Shady Pines exodus has very little effect on her and by little I mean *erm* none unless you count the whole finger to the head swirly motion that she relays to my father when she thinks my back is turned. 3 - Learning the important things in life like the value of good motor skills as in "I need me some good motor skills to chop them things with this here sharp knife so as to avoid piercing my very vulnerable squishy flesh or just to aid me when I try something kinda daring like you know...scissors." What that's you say? "Why?" Well, maybe, because I want to experience what cutting in a straight line can feel like, alright there, nosy rosy? Look, don't judge me. No seriously, I have self-esteem issues. 4 - Oh, and my kiddos...keeping them alive, fed, sans blunt objects and other semi-related likewise nifty stuff. ____________________________ Boots: Starting random new ventures such as these to challenge the inner and nervous writer/mommy/chef/crafter/spiritual advisor etc.... Lots of family time, by lots I mean the few snipets of time between the raindrops I get to share with ALL members. Anything that expands the file of personal growth that has started to collect dust here lately.
Favorite Movies Sweet Thunder: The warm and fuzzy kind with puzzling dialogue that asks more questions than it answers. You, too? Cool. It's always great to meet another LOSTie.
Favorite Music Sweet Thunder: You know the ones that have a repetitive hook coupled with a consistent rhythmic beat and sound like they'd best be served accompanied by a strobe light? Yeah? Well, dear sweet baby Jesus, not those.
Favorite Books Sweet Thunder: The ones with the BIG words that make me feel SMARTICLES and provide me with a lofty sense of purpose. In other words, Archie and/or Betty & Veronica...BOGO SCORE!