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Introduction I lived in Beijing over 15 years, since 1998. During that period I served two western stock listed companies (NYSE & Nasdaq), the first as business development, other as Chief Representative China (country manager). Buildup of software JV and manufacturing JV. I also co-founded a China venture, sold in three years.

I witnessed China's awakening and getting-rich-is-glorious spirit. China got Internet and phones, WTO contract and cars, factories, houses, wealth, tourism, colours. For city-Chinese this was upheaval.

In Beijing I studied Mandarin Chinese for 5 years, had meetings in 19 capitals of China's 31 provinces, and learnt certain humbleness in front of China's scale, culture and Guanxi.

Gap exists. Chinese mentality is different - but no fear about it. Getting results with China is not only about products. Attitude matters, good Guanxi is a real asset.

I moved from Beijing back to Helsinki in 2013.

59 trips from EU to China, latest in 2016. Business trips, meetings in 20 countries.

After island-hopping over Pacific Ocean I will next learn to play vibraphone, Reich's Sextet, re-organising the mind.