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Gender Female
Industry Real Estate
Occupation Angel
Location California, United States
Introduction Hard hitting social and political commentary from a Kiwi in Silicon Valley. Landlady and Mother of five and a self-professed Geek, Monique left New Zealand to settle in San Francisco in 2012. This to support her husband so he could further his career. She is JAFUH (Just Another Frantic Unpaid Heroine (Housewife), with a twist. Standing up to bullies, perverts and necromancers since 1999. By day, a real estate investor and political blogger. Character information. Warning, geek roleplaying information follows. You have been warned. Monique is an Elf/Angel hybrid. Alignment is Chaotic Good with high rolls on Int and Char, low on Str and Wis. An unusual character type. The first accounts of the Elf/Angel race were from exactly halfway between the biblical times and the space age, in the NZ Maori and NZ European populations. Natural enemy of both Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil character types. Has been known to work with Lawful Evil - a common character type in politics.
Interests The empowerment of women. I became interested in being female through an interest in politics. Many do it the other way around, by becoming interested in politics through issues that affect women. This site is here to cater for both varieties and also for those who have no interest in becoming female -including men. Hopefully I'll provide the occasional moment of mirth. I have a strong interest in the arts and will post submitted poetry and links to other productions. Debating the topic rather than the ideology; this is a politically centrist blog.