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Location Rochester Hills, MI, United States
Introduction The US, perhaps more than any other country, has witnessed a colossal loss of its native wildlife since the arrival of European colonists in the 16th century. When first discovered, this "Garden of Eden" was home to a rich and varied birdlife that existed in such staggering numbers that they literally darkened the skies and carpeted the land in their great multitudes. Unfortunately, this great bounty of wildlife was subjected to ruthless exploitation at a horrific scale: birds were killed for food, for "sport", for trade, for fashion, for science, for fun. And, this insatiable lust for slaughter, coupled subsequently by other factors, such as habitat degradation, pollution, the introduction of invasive species and an explosion in the number of captive animals (such as domestic livestock and pets) have all collectively led to the extirpation, extinction, and annihilation of untold native species across the continent. So why photograph birdlife? Only one reason: to document their intrinsic brilliance in an effort to promote their conservation. And, in so doing, to establish a non-exploitative relationship with our avifauna that furthers our understanding of their natural history.
Interests Birding, photography, conservation