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Industry Biotech
Occupation Director
Location Washington, United States
Introduction We laugh when we tell people that we first met in a sterile certified biotech production facility “searching for The Fountain of Youth”. We are both in our 60s and we were each on a personal quest to find the most effective and natural means of living a life of optimal health, wellness and anti-aging. Neither of us were looking for romance. But on that day, we simultaneously walked through a door that would open a whole new world for us. That was April 30, 2015. We have been together ever since, sharing our story and our passion for the ground-breaking biotech company that we now belong to. Mark has been an actor, model and screenwriter for nearly 40 years. Kathleen is a jazz singer and fine artist. Looking good at every age is important for all of us, but especially when you are in the public eye. Having unstoppable energy and a youthful demeanor is vital in order to keep up with life’s demands when you are a baby-boomer still chasing that carrot. This blog is our endeavor to share our secrets and our discoveries with you. We hope they will bring you wonderful results, encouragement and even inspiration so that you too can live longer, younger, naturally!
Interests Health, anti-aging, romance, relationships, family, community, art, creativity, music, writing, poetry, travel, reading, networking, live theater, fine dining