Angela Scott

About me

Occupation Writer/Author
Location Farmington, Utah, United States
Introduction I was born write-brained. Ask anyone who knows me—you want to read my stuff? I’ve been asking that question since I was a wee-little girl. So I’ve been writing for years, but only have been actively pursuing it the last year and a half. Up until then, I focused myself on my three wonderful kids and adoring husband, giving them my all. Currently, I have one completed manuscript out with an agent who is actively placing it in front of publishers as I write this.So while that manuscript is being peddled, I have completed its sequel and now I’m trying to finish my current work in progress. Something different and out of my preferred genre, but super fun to write. I mean, how cannot writing a western romance with a scattering of zombie mayhem not be fun? (This started out as a dare, but has spiraled into something so much more). To follow me, just click on the WEB PAGE button to the left. It'll take you to my blog. This blog is a little bit of everything, but mostly my pursuit for publication and greatness (publication a must, greatness optional, though desired).
Interests Writing, Reading, Shopping
Favorite Movies Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Monty Python The Holy Grail, True Grit, Zombieland, Fido, The Sixth Sense, Shrek, UP, The Incredibles, Simon Birch, Edward Scissorhands, The Color Purple, What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Favorite Music Bruno Mars, Katie Perry, Christina Perri, Pink, Cold Play, Muse
Favorite Books Too many to list.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

One scoop at a time. (Realistically, I'd travel to the country next to China, get as close to the border as I could and start digging--should be quick)