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Location Scottsville, Kentucky
Introduction Born and raised in the south I experienced both ways of life, true country and what my husband likes to call my "city-side". I grew up young. Not because I had to, but because that's just who I am. I fell in love at sixteen, married the man at nineteen, and we started a family just two months before I turned twentytwo. My life gives most girls my age a panic attack. But it's what I've chosen to do, it's what has made me happy. And no one can ask for more then that out of life. My husband and I are very religious. Being close to God is the only way I make it thru each day, that and my daughter. She's the reason I wanted to start this blog. After I had Isabella the world was such a strange foreign place. How do you have a child and function? The best information I've received so far thru these first short three months is from other mothers. So why not share my experiences in hopes that they might help, or comfort someone else down their difficult, but gratifying, journey as a Mom? And so begins Miss Izzy and Me...
Interests scrapbooking, reading, hiking, camping, singing, writing
Favorite Books Between Georgia, the godmother, Without A Net, anything by Tori Spelling, The Secret Life of Bees, tons more