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Industry Student
Occupation Sociology Student
Location south bend, indiana, United States
Introduction Soul-Searching without a map.
Interests My interests change and grow as I change and grow. What remains is that a majority of my interests continue to sprout in the realm of the arts. I enjoy creating things with my hands and experiencing things with all my senses. :)
Favorite Movies I really like movies that induce deep thought and laughter. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Everything is Illuminated. The Squid and the Whale. We Are Wizards.
Favorite Music All of it. Yes, literally. Even some opera now and then. :)
Favorite Books There are too many to name here. I'm always reading and searching for my new favorite book.

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

Well you see, there was this theory about being able to use the fish to make it appear as though I was walking on water. Unfortunately no one mentioned that the fish should be caught, tied to my shoes, and that I should immediately jump back in. This fish is from the grocery store. *attempts looking bashful about the whole thing*