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Location Seattle, WA, United States
Introduction I was born a Libra on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Every few years, the stars align and I find myself recalibrating my life’s compass on my birthday. Embracing change isn’t just an empty bucket list exercise; it keeps my spirit free and full of inspiration, aspiration and challenge.

Welcome to Thinking Thumbprint.
Interests happiness, laughter, the guys in my life nicnic and j, the family in my life, the family adjacent to my life, friends near and far, friends real and virtual, bold prints, bright colors, mixing bold prints and bright colors, photoshop, photoshop tutorials, clothing, texture, styling, selling, beach, water, slippers, lovely beach cottages, bicycles, bicycle bells, learning new things, taking risks, city living, ballard, parks and recreation, cafes, coffee, tea, macaroons, charm, wit, story telling