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Industry Religion
Occupation Fishmonger
Introduction Wandering the known world in search of exotic teas, fancy hats, exquisite sunsets, and adventure.
Interests art nouveau, attempting to be charming, automata, bearded ladies, being perfumed shamans, Benjamin Franklin, chariots pulled by zebras, Charles Algernon Swinburne, commedia dell'arte, contortionists, crows, cutting up dead fish, dandies, David Bowie, Des Esseintes, Dorian Gray, Edwardians, ein eigentümlicher apparat, Emily Post, fin de siecle, fishmongering, fools, Fort Ellsworth, goblin markets, guard peacocks, history, hospitality, Indian food, John Ruskin, keys, labyrinths, lies, literature, living works of art, magic, Marquis de Carabas, Marquise de Merteuil, masks, mythology, Nikola Tesla, old books, old things, Orlando, Oscar Wilde, Ota Benga, pirates on the delaware, plans for escape, Punch and Judy shows, religious art and architecture, renommierschmiss, riding elephants, rum, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Sebastian, savages!, sedan chairs, Sherlock Holmes, socks, tea, teapots that whistle, the ancient world, the colonies, The Doctor, the empire, the exotic, the great war, The Port of Amsterdam, the standard of taste, the working class, This Charming Man, Tilda Swinton, tricksters, Victorians, vintage shoes, Virginia Woolf, vitriol, waistcoats, Walter Pater, wanderlust