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Gender MALE
Location St Kilda, VIC, Australia
Introduction Hi. My name is Don and I have no job, no phone, no bank and no idea where I am (figuratively, but mostly literally). I have no wife nor children, but I do have a laptop, a passport and a 12-month visa. I also have a blog and a story and here it goes.

On August 22nd I quit my job as a mid-level investor relations professional at a small IR firm in San Francisco. Four days and 17 time zones later, I arrived in Melbourne, approximately 7,933 miles (12,767 kilometers) away from my hometown of Costa Mesa, California.

I no longer have a single apartment or corner office, but I have the support of my closest friends and family, which is all I need to survive. I arrived on August 27th but my journey begins today.

I came to Australia to experience something new, something that would open my eyes to this amazing world we live in. Like any decision, this is one that will shape who I am and who I become. I don't know where tomorrow will take me but I trust I am headed in the right direction.