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Occupation Writer, Photographer, and Traveler
Introduction Before she learned how to read, Angela Nickerson aspired to be a tap dancing nurse. However, once her mom taught her to read, Angela’s medical aspirations expired. Her favorite books were those set in “the olden days” in places far more exotic than Dallas, Texas. In her thirties Angela translated that passion for history and travel into her first two books, A Journey into Michelangelo’s Rome (2008) and Rome's Angels & Demons (2009). Angela closely follows her mantra: just GO! She traveled to the USSR with her grandparents. She won a Fulbright Memorial Fund award and spent a month in Japan. She has taught writing in Korea as well as in cyberspace. She has marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, escorted a variety of performing groups through the US and Europe, and jumps on a plane any time she can. Angela married an Italian-American with memories of playing as a child at Ostia Antica and romping through the Colosseum. Now she enjoys traveling to Italy several times a year – often escorting small groups of her readers.