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Introduction Hey! I’m Ina Reyes, am 16 years young, currently junior in high school, and loves going against the typical Hollister and moccasin-wearing teen stereotype. This blog was created for many reasons. It is to be part of the next generation of the industry, to show a sense of realism. To show that there are people who are interested in the fashion community, who may not have direct access to it. The stylist in me says that I shouldn’t be branded with one style-life is too short. Therefore, my style is still evolving. Living in a small town isn’t easy, and this is my escape to the world of fashion, as I’m trying to battle my passions for fashion…and forensics. Yes, I know, you heard me. But whether I become a stylist, fashion editor, or forensic anthropologist, I know I’m next in line for greatness.