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Gender MALE
Industry Agriculture
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Introduction I always wanted to be a scientist, mostly because job security was like an "issue." Writing was not going to get anyone any kind of job security, at least not right away. When I was young, "right away" was more my way of thinking. The problem with science, as it turned out, was that math was involved. Specifically, any math. I'd say calculus, but that isn't really even math. That's like a foreign language with archaic symbols and I was never very good at either of those. So, in order to graduate from college, having come very close to flunking out because of the aforementioned propensity for knuckleheaded numbering, I took up journalism. After college, I took up freelance writing and freelance having a family. I did okay at both except for the starving artist problem. So I took up a real occupation: property care/landscaper. Being tied to a desk really wasn't my cup of joe anyway, but alas, time and fortune have caught up with me. Tied to a desk is better than tied to a rototiller. That, and I now have extensive knowledge on growing plants. Thus, you have my "A Symphony of Color--How to Grow Flowering Melodies In All Seasons."
Interests Handball, theology, couples, photography
Favorite Movies Groundhog day, Pink Panther, Harold and Maude