Peter J. Burns III

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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Entrepreneur
Location Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Introduction Beginning at age 19, I've started over 100 businesses. Educated at UVa. and Harvard Business School's OPM Program, I was raised back East (New Canaan, Nantucket, Sanibel) and am now in the "Wild West" of Phoenix, Arizona. My greatest venture to date is the establishing of this country's first College of Entrepreneurship. Along the way, I launched the University Entrepreneurs Venture Fund (available for student-inspired start-ups) and now what promises to be the world's largest entrepreneurial organization-Club Entrepreneur.
Interests Business start-ups, traveling (Nantucket, Maui, Lake Como, London)
Favorite Movies Bella, Braveheart, The 300
Favorite Music Classic Rock and Roll-Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Mountain Marshall Tucker
Favorite Books I read so voraciously that I have no favorites per se and often re-read books years after I first read them. Examples are "The Green King, " Tomorrow's Children, " "Smart People"

Do you walk to school or carry your lunch? Is it closer to Denver by bus? What's the difference between a duck?