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Gender Female
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation 99%thinker,1%doer
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Introduction Hi. My name is, yes, Carmen. I am the first person in my immediate family to have a blog! Woo hoo. When I told my family about it, it was pretty much a "who cares" moment. LOL. Actually, my niece Larissa's exact words were something like "so you think you're a %*&%# celebrity or something - like anybody's supposed to care about your daily life." LOL. She's probably right -- but I don't care. I HAVE A BLOG AND SHE DOESN'T. Na na na na na. LOL.
Interests Blogging, Movies, Reading, (check out, )
Favorite Movies 30's movies, 40's movies, V For Vendetta, Ratatoullie, The Lake House, A Walk In The Clouds, Ghost Town, The Invention Of Lying, Stranger Than Fiction, Elf, Fred Claus, Couples Retreat, Role Models, Etc Etc Etc. (Like the King said in The King And I - LOL)
Favorite Music Not into music much. Basically when I do listen I turn on the radio and channel surf/listen to, Top 40, music. Most of the music I remember the names of is from the 80's when I listened to the radio the most. Oh, I did like, Abba, and especially, Air Supply, in specific. LOL. I know - very refined musical tastes!
Favorite Books Charles Grodin, A.J Jacobs, Dave Barry, Schooled, by a guy whose last name is Korman - it is written for teenagers but is really good I thought. Maybe I was just in the right mood when I read it but I thought it was excellent and wouldn't mind reading a sequel!, Small Island, - a fiction book about (mostly) black people in the 1950's. There is a white couple that figures prominently in the story though. Very good. The author has previously won awards for her books. Can't remember her name though.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

I get the craziest questions. A better question on taste I think is why does it taste like mold when you mix eating or drinking two or more different kinds of sugary things.