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Introduction I am a Lucky Girl. The kind of luck that is home-grown, deliberate, nurtured and watered each and every day with careful consideration. I have coached hundreds and been taught by thousands. Most days I lead Organizational Development and Training at a Global Pharmaceutical Company. Many days I am a Performance Coach specializing in Parenting Strategies & Discipline, Sleep and Life Work Intergration. Everyday I am a Mommy to three delicious kids and a wife to one amazing man. Always-I am searching...
Interests My "real" bio below: I live in a village, me Lucky Girl, with my Protector always by my side. Together he and I raise our three cubs: Chase, (13) Bear (11) and Beauty (9). In this village I have many teachers who teach me life lessons and who inspire me often. Most importantly, my Teachers of Transformation, my Teachers of Peace and my Teachers of Beauty. Right beside me, all the time in my circle of life whom surround me closely and daily are my Heartbeat, my Sister Savvy, my Soulkeeper, and both my Brother Boys. My very close community is made up of Chiffon Chez Vetos, Sister Schopenhauer, Sweethearts, Holidays, Childhood Wonder and New Heights. I protect my village fiercly...and they protect me. Gosh I'm a lucky girl. I always seem to be searching for something..usually sun. The strange part about all of this is that really it's often in rain that I really fully find myself and connect with my people. Often I find we are all searching for something to make us happy …..when it is already there right in front of us. On a sunny day happiness is dictated to me. On cloudy days I have to search for it.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

(To read more about why I began this blog please refer to archived August post:) "What is all this Blog Craziness About Anyways?"