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Occupation Designer
Location Boston
Introduction 15 things you don't know about ME: 1. I used to think the lyrics to "little red corvette" were "miracle vet" 2. I love salami and other cured meats 3. Some of my greatest fears are clowns, tornadoes and drinking spoiled milk. 4. Aquariums make me sad. 5. Name any movie...and I probably HAVEN'T seen it. 6. I have many collections (pez dispensers, mini perfume bottles, paper, stamps, coins, ceramic containers). 7. I love sneakers. 8. I hate "La Grand Jatte". I hate it more than ANYTHING. 9. I plan on visiting Easter Island with Tess, and knocking over a giant head. 10. Much like Colvin, I led a mute childhood. 11. If I don't know you, don't touch me. 12. Nader '08 (totally joking!) 13. I grew up next to a bee farm. It meant unlimited honey, but one time...they got loose. 14. Ringo used to be my favorite Beatle, but now I love them all. 15. I think that someday the 4 crew members will find their way back to each other.