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Introduction Not keen, you'll find out who I am from what I say, right? But wait, am I wasting an opportunity to orientate the unwary? In no particular order; I'm one of those prudish libertines. I can accept the decorum-what is right and proper- definition of prude. I'm concerned with it, though not necessarily to obey it. Which is where the libertine comes in; mentally unrestrained by convention though restrained by morality. I'm atheistic, but avoid faux superiority about it. No idea why a suspension of disbelief should apply to fatness, so I don't. Like most black people, I'm epically bored beyond belief about having to be an object upon which racism occurs. Only tending to get annoyed when our noses are rubbed in it. If a term sums up a universal black experience I'd venture "overlook". I can't stand going around saying "I'm black" as if to put certain folks on red alert. Let's face it, if I'm among BP, I'm hardly going to say; "I'm a black", i.e human. It usually feels to me like an issue of other people's making. If I was to sum myself up; I wouldn't.