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Gender Female
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I love all my interests (obviously). I am Chinese, in middle school, and live in Indiana. As you can tell, I enjoy many things. I am smart for my grade, at least sort of witty, loyal to my friends and family (like Rainbow Dash), and am most like her in the Mane 6.
Interests I love Rozen Maiden, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice, The Immortals, Percy Jackson/Heros of Olympus/Kane Chronicles, origami, reading/writing, viola, voice acting, figure skating, nail polish, and singing.
Favorite Movies THE PRINCESS BRIDE! It's definitely my all time favorite movie.
Favorite Music Daniel Ingram, Brian Balmages, Howard Shore (Concerning Hobbits= /)^_^(\ ), and most classical music
Favorite Books listed above and sort of plus Warriors (that's how I got my username)

1. Hey, spottedstar, what was your warrior name? Me: Spottedbreeze. You can find her on DeviantArt, and no, that is not me. Also, I'm leader of WindClan now. 2. Team Edward of Team Jacob? Me: TEAM DOCTOR!!! /)^_^(\ *fangirl squeal*