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Introduction I'm Colleen-a SAHM dealing with the trials and tribulations of having 5 daughters from 4 to 20 years old! We live in a crazy little house in Southern NJ. The man is Ron. He's a union welder extraordinaire who travels the world repairing nuclear power plants in a single bound. Sometimes here, but mostly not :o( M20 is our oldest daughter who is also mostly away. She's off at college finding her own path to save the world. B14 is next in line. She's here, there & everywhere. Sightings are frequent & she is easily identified by the silver gadget in her hands used to communicate with her friends. B11 is our middle. If you sneak up quietly on this one, you might catch her singing one of her original songs or you'll find her parked in front of the tv watching other people sing. R5 is another remote hog. You'll find her watching shows about dinosaurs or far off planets. She'll spring some science on you and amaze you with her knowledge and then jump up and do a little dance to prove she's a little party too! M4 is our crazy little sassy pants. She's surely going somewhere in life, we just aren't sure whether she'll go on her own merit or in the back of a police car :o)