Thomas Hoccleve

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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation Provisioun of lettres, bylles and othir papures for the Privye Sele (but moostly Chauncery atte presente)
Location Londoun (Westmynstre), United Kingdom
Introduction Myn swynke beeth a maner of repeticioun and for the sake of diversioun Ich haue devysyd anothir peronalitee, a Yorkshyre man, in min hede. Now I kan nat tellen oon fram the othir.
Interests To dabbel in a lyttel wrytinge for mine owne solaas.
Favorite Movies Alle peintures-moevynge that telleth of specialle condiciounes of the mynde and peple manifolde ytrappyd in oon hede; the aventures of the grene geaunt yclepid Hulke been oon of the beste.
Favorite Music Anythynge by Maister Perotine
Favorite Books Ich cherysshe the poemes and bokes of Maister Gaufridus aboven alle thynges (Gowerys unsubtylle werkes maken me fele ryght sore for dayes on ende).

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

Ich moot nede ask Occleve on that oon.