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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Superman's unemployed stuntdouble
Location Sarf London, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Part of the underclass with a PC technically but not at all PC politically. Interested in things that are interesting and perhaps some things that don't interest me. Famed for my reason and logic. Of course, depends on where the moon is and what the neighbour's bastard dog is doing. Born and bred in Peckham SE15 ~ or as I dispassionately call it: Little Lagos Loving my enemies in case my friends turn out to be bastards.
Interests Patriotism, Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Multiracial, Power, Christendom, Islamic, Jihad, History, The struggle between good and evil, Millwall FC, Footie, Education, Indoctrination, Media, Democracy, Tyranny, Appeasers, Apologists, Subversives, Marxists, Fabians, Masons, Law & Order, Gang Warfare, Military Warfare, Guerilla Warfare, Ariel Combat, Naval Combat, Heroism, British National Party, Conservative Party, Labour Party UK, Socialist Worker Party UK, UAF, Fascism, Those poor souls who are mentally leftarded, Liberal Democrat Party, Technology, Genetics, Bioengineering, Genesis, God, Universe, Jessica Alba, Peckham, South London, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Family, Honour, Myths, Legends, tales, Spiritual Advancement, Marijuana, Beer, Meditation, Guns
Favorite Movies Banned From TV, South Park, Family Guy, Bottom Live, Several video copies of Jessica Alba's workout, my pals wedding night video
Favorite Music Silence When the Kids Shut up by Bedtime, nothing by Simon Cowell, quite a few from that Aussie 'Bloody' Wilson
Favorite Books Atomic Destruction for Dummies by Dr Alan West, How to Wage a Biological War in 10 Easy H&S-approved Steps by Dr Taylor Nutts, The Art of Seduction by Rod Stewart, Jessica Alba's personal dairy, How to Make your own Mint by Rothschild, Flying to the Moon by Dr Horst, Art of War ptII