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Gender MALE
Occupation Fundraiser
Location Oxford, United Kingdom
Introduction Things I may never love: Golf, Olives on Pizza, Excessive packaging, Generic text messages, Aggressive people, empty shoes-so sad, careless whispers, selfishness, trampled flowers, religion, anti everything people, cardboard drawers, poems without emotion, Argos, cans being kicked...
Interests Things that move me:smell of bread, ducks on my lawn, pen on paper, air after rainfall, Fairies, cheese in the fridge, strong coffee, pistachio nuts, water over small rocks, lone plant in a desolate highway, eyes, passion, grapefruit drizzled in it's own juices, open windows, small voles running, geese above ground level, squirrel eating bacon sandwiches, multi-colour post-it notes, Reading those little snippets that change your life in some way, encountering life changing people/occurrences, Fresh Cheesecake, Ceilings, Rooftops, crosses made by nature, Questions?

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

I have? Wow. I'm so precious. I'm cool. Look at me!!!