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Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Designer
Location California, United States
Introduction THE CAST Me: 27. Mother, wife, graphic designer. Impatient. Y: My husband, best friend, biggest challenge. Funnier and smarter than me, daddy of the century. Perpetual worrier, works way too hard. Elan: 5 1/2. Skeptic, philosopher, truth-seeker, bug scientist, artist, home-run hitter. Humanitarian. Recent Developments: Changing the water in his fish bowl alone, scooping out the fish by hand. Also, a bit of reading. Ariel: 3. Singer, dancer, master communicator. Loves and fights hard. Lies. Accomplishments: Writing his initials, memorizing home and cell phone numbers. Mr Turtley: Russian Tortiose. Age Unknown. Probable suicide risk. Decko: Chinese Water Dragon. Enjoys crickets, mealworms, shedding skin and basking. THE PLOT: Rarely boring.
Interests Parenting, graphic arts, web development, food, reading, writing, religion.