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Introduction LOVE animals. Soft-spoken and gentle, but don't piss me off. Loyal to a fault. Intelligent. Contradictory and stubborn. A fan of the underdog. Loathe liars, hypocrites, & greedy people. HATE "reality" tv and famewhores of all gender identities. My best quality is my sense of humor, which is large and warped. Not really into small talk, but I am a big believer in etiquette and the social graces. Had my time in the sun as good-looking, but currently fat and way out-of-shape, Whatever. An empath.
Interests Animals/Animal Rescue, Reiki, Healing Modalities/Metaphysics/Spirituality, Reading/Books, Vintage Los Angeles, Vintage Hollywood, Travel, Knowledge/Information, Architecture/Design, Houses/Real Estate, Casting, Production/Set Design, Mosaics/Stained Glass/Tiles, Always wanted to be a Lawyer, Formerly was a Singer/Actress. Odd Quirk: I can't stand wearing shoes! Only do so very reluctantly and whilst usually grumbling/muttering under my breath about it. Havaianas should make me their spokesperson.
Favorite Movies Documentaries or Comedies. I won't watch violent movies or "action" films, or sad movies. Have a penchant for old, schlocky "B"-movies. LOVE "Mystery Science Theater" - the combo of wisecracking & B-movies = heaven! Love Laurel & Hardy.
Favorite Music The Byrds, The Mamas and the Papas, Gram Parsons, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Neil Young, CSN&Y, Eagles, Iggy Pop, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Leonard Cohen, & MANY, many more. Just NO (C)RAP "music" *snort of derision* in my home. 3 things I don't allow in my home: (C)rap, video games (bullshit), & yelling. I'm not too fond of willful ignorance/stupidity either. Just sayin'.
Favorite Books All! (Well, as long as they're not fiction or sci-fi. I'm not into those genres. Or, goodness save us all, "romance". Ick.). I've tried a Nook and Kindle, but nothing will ever replace a beloved BOOK!!

What's it all about, Alfie?