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Gender Female
Industry Technology
Occupation Sales Manager
Location Orange County, CA, United States
Introduction Close your eyes and picture a girl in understated classic clothes, a blazer, cashmere sweater, basic cotton T, khakis, jeans and chucks. Are you done yawning yet? Basics, like brown eyeshadow and pink lipgloss can be well.....boring. Basics reflect my personality because I have an eye for the simple. I prefer single flowers as opposed to bouquets both from men and even when choosing my favorites. However my favorite thing to do is to ad just a touch of hard edge or whimsy or something interesting. After the base is strong, good classic clothes, great skin care, body care and makeup I like to work on the pinache. I love vintage jewelry, scarves, expensive sexy yet sophisticated undergarments and red lips. Carrie Bradshaw had shoes, in California we have sunglasses. They are essential to prevent undereye wrinkles and a fashion staple. My favorite are my Tom Ford's but my classic 80's raybans have been a statement piece lately. Im nice, as long as I like you. Im very blunt and will call bullshit when I see it. People say my voice sounds like Mira Sorvino and I have yet to see that connection. Oh and Im feeling annoyed about having to write about myself...moving on!
Interests Writing, Politics, Movies so bad that they are good, Dark humor and sarcasm, Driving around So Cal, Anything 80's, Skincare, Cosmetics, Art, Travel, History (especially the variety that defies convention and sparks intrigue)
Favorite Movies "Manos" The Hands of Fate, lol just kidding (Mystery Science Theater anyone?) I do love Monty Python, Office Space, The Big Lebowski, really cheesy scary movies, really dumb 80's movies like Pretty in Pink, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and my personal two favorites: The Night Before (Classic Keanu), and Heathers. But then I still have a soft spot for Clueless or anything Amy Heckerling. It's very cliche but I actually did like Legally Blonde.
Favorite Music Punk, especially the British 80's variety. I also love New Wave 80's Depeche Mode/Cure/Police type music.
Favorite Books Too many to name and the variety is too extensive to really describe anything new about me. My sense of humor is fucked up. My mind is broad enough to be interested in a variety of things from Kevin Aucoin's Creating Faces to Hunter S Thompson's Richard Nixon obituary.

Whats my favorite color?