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Industry Student
Location Córdoba, Argentina
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Introduction Student, Language, Art and Opeth fan.|||||| I like languages and all kinds of crafts. I live with one with one of my brothers because of college. In my spare time I volunteer in a Child Care Home which is my favorite time of the week because I look after the sweetest babies and toddlers in the world. I enjoy learning new stuff and most of all I love my alone time.
Interests Music, photography, graphic and fashion design, video games, languages, translations, trips, crochet, knitting, beading, embroidery, art, cooking, Opeth, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, World of Warcraft, second life
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord Of The Rings, Little Nicky, foxfire, Sunshine, Brave heart, The Onion Movie, Crash, Wayne's World, My Life Without Me, Idiocracy, Grandma's boy, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Girl, interrupted, Precious.
Favorite Music Opeth, I'm very flexible about music, I don't mind listening to any kind. I listen from Madonna to Megadeth and from Piazzola to Beyoncè., Hard Rock, Grunge, Blues, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal., OPETH!
Favorite Books I'm not a fan of books, I mean, I don't read any specific author...I do read, I personally liked The lord of the rings and One thousand and one nights.I like reading random stuff about everyday stuff :p, Culture, Medicine, Psychology, History.