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Industry Arts
Occupation I work hard not to be pinned down by occupation...
Location Kentucky, United States
Introduction My blogs are all about sharing obscure and sometimes odd recordings. My three blogs feature introductions to vintage & unique gospel recordings, atomic age pop and lounge/strange music.

My gospel blog, The Good, Bad & Ugly Gospel Record Barn focuses on Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area artists who recorded on local labels such as Jewel, Rite and Queen City Album.

In general, I will be posting only samples and not entire albums. If I post only an album cover it is because the content is available on CD or by download.

If an artist is still working, I will usually refrain from posting a sample. I do my best to locate information on the artist.

I realize relatives and friends may find posts of people they knew or know. I hope you will be pleased with what you read.

The worst fate for an artist, I believe, is to be completely forgotten. I do not blog many of the albums I find because the recordings fail to share a personal vision or a special energy. Liking or disregarding art is relative to your experience, but I think that it is better to be remembered for something crazy, than for nothing at all.
Interests Collecting unusual things. Making videos, music and artwork. Freedom.

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