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Occupation To quote Dr. Phil, "Yer job is to find a job!"
Location Chicago, United States
Introduction you folks know me, and now you don't have to get the awful emails where you're a Cc, or, even worse, a Bc. So with this, you're ALL the direct recipients because I love yas all! It's also nice to just have a record online of what I've been up to, easily accessed, and with pictures and films
Interests slightly more eccentric than Kelly Kapoor's interests in "Pink, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs, anything that's awesome."
Favorite Music Today I listened to: A.R. Rahman, The Walkmen, Lykke Li, and Dave Douglas...you can figure that out
Favorite Books There are a lot, but let's say Adrian Tomine is my favorite of the moment, but in German and French, so I feel less bad about reading graphic novels