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Introduction I'm a junior at SAIC and I'm kinda, sorta focusing on illustration. Puppetry, theater, comics and any other form of narrative or storytelling art are all in my realm of interest. I'm also really keen on hand-drawn text and graphic design. A few years ago, my dad told me about how a friend of his’d bought a house and while she was getting ready to move in, a buncha punks broke in and spray-painted, "SATIN LIVES" all over the place. The whole scenario was sad for two reasons: my dad's friend's house was all to' up and the people who did the to'-in' up were pretty dumb. Coincidentally, right after my move to Chicago, I was walking around the Loop when I saw "SATIN LIVES" scrawled on the side of a building. During that same week, I found it etched in two different elevators in two different buildings. I came to a conclusion: either there's a very angry gaggle of fiber artists out there, or a sad, little, pseudo-literate someone is trying their darndest to remind us all of the still-reigning, all-powerful Prince of Darkness. I will reflect on Chicago-based artistic happenings, shows, performances and simple sightings like this in this blog, as well as show y'all what I'm making.