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Introduction ANDREW BESTOR looks at invasive neuroprosthetics developed under MKULTRA Subproject 119, and is a critic of the CIA based in Washington D.C. ..... BRYAN ADRIAN focuses on the overview parameters of viral and other life forms. He may be contacted at: 5 Khuti Dekembris Kucha 52 (Cholokhashvili 52) Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi Telephones: 77 37 66 [home] cell phone to cell phone: 95 557 822 [mobil] (301) 576-5418 USA Languages: Spanish and German; French/Portuguese [tourism level]. English Language Instructor .Cologne. Evening courses at the Volkhochschule (the People's Univ. of Germany), and at Linguarama, an Oxford-based language institute. .DRESDEN. "Inlingua" Co-director of first language school in East Block after the fall of Berlin Wall. .Sofia. Private tutor. .Barcelona. Interpreter on international construction project. EDUCATION: •UNIV OF CHARLESTON, SC. Merit Scholarship in mathematics [topology] & medical school studies. Graduate School fellowships in PhD studies geared towards infinite topological neighborhoods in as well as journalism and publishing, with extensive undergrad work in biology, premed, chem. and algebraic topology etc.