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Introduction Welcome to January, 2008. After a year and a half of blogging anonymously, I figure the cat's long since out of the bag. I promise nothing but a view into midlife, whatever blows out my snorkel when I surface from one of the pools in which I swim, and a forum for you to talk back and point out my blind spots...kindly. And what's with the title? Not a lot. Blue states (I don't live in one, but I did once and loved it dearly). Blue skies (I'm thinking of the autumn sky in Taos, bright against the golden cottonwoods). Blue feelings (they come and go, just like everyone else's). And blue eyes (I do have two of them). It seems that many of my friends, men and women alike, particularly those with aging marriages or aging parents or children of any age are feeling a disquiet in their gut. But I'm taking that blue and I'm making mine like the blue of the sky: impermanent. When it's here, it's here. Then it won't be. Then it will be. That much is certain. I'm going to let it be the cerulean blue of peace.