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Location Portland, OR, United States
Introduction Hello! I'm a writer and photographer living and working in Portland, OR.. I write this blog mostly for myself, as a record of thoughts and photographs. Lately there has been a lot more writing, which is nice and surprising. (Sort of. More surprising is that I like it.)

But I will always always always welcome thoughts, or comments, or smiley faces. (Especially smiley faces.)

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Here are a list of things to write about in the e-mail you send me:

1. What color is the sky today?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. Rain: yay or nay?
4. Watermarks on photographs: yay or nay?
5. Portland, OR: yay or nay?
6. If not Portland, where?
7. Why do you follow me?
8. Would you like to buy a print? ;)
9. Middle name?
10. Favorite TV show. (Lets be real here, I do watch TV.)