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Location Okinawa, Japan
Introduction ✎ I'm a huge gEek for blogging, fashion, hair, makeup, photography, cooking, & electronics ☻ I'm an Independent Fashion Designer ♥ My guilty pleasure is cooking shows shopping for clothes for my husband ☻ I'm a sucker for shoes and subway PB cookies!! ♥ I cherish my Chase Slate Card even if it only has a 300 limit lol ☻ I have a conspiracy theory for almost anything lol ♥ If I could I would save every abandoned poor little kitty or doggy ☻ I shamelessly collect shoes & fashion magazines & enjoy reading newspapers ♥ I love my husband, family and friends ☻ Colored Contacts are effing AWesome ♥ I'm 5'4, ☻ Shoe Size is flat 8 no bigger no smaller ♥ Wish I could pull of Jet Black or Platinum Blonde Hair lol ☻ Japanese Cocos Curry is AHmazing! ♥ I can cook a mean steak and baked Mac n Cheese lol ☻ I wished the world were more peaceful & humble ♥ I can't live without my Macbook Air & iPhone ☻ I'm an crazy electronic geek ♥I don't crave for name brand clothes ☻ I am a BIG supporter of freelancers, independents & ppl in general doing positive work for the greater good...I know that sounds cheesy lol but it's true Xx Garbage Full Of Glam xX