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Location United Kingdom
Introduction I am lazy, I realise I can often be annoying, I paint things sometimes, I'm faddy, I find it difficult to leave a party unless I'm the last one there, I eat fruit, I eat vegetables, I don't eat meat, I hate war, I believe the US, UK, NATO and Israel are the world's terrorists- they create all the wars, I eat a lot of avocados, I have a pretty decent vinyl record collection, I need to buy more vinyl, I'm cynical about most things, It's very unlikely I'll die of old age, I like alternative holidays, don't eat processed food, never go to mcdonalds, don't watch too much tv, be skeptical of what the media tells you, I usually have messy hair, I'm quite good at photography I suppose, one of my nicknames is The Bomber, the Mrs does triathlon, my brother lives in Malta, 9/11 was an inside job, down with the monarchy, I've got size 12 feet,
Favorite Music Little dragon, black lips, prince fatty, the cribs, Congo natty, prodigy, bob marley, parma violets, that sort of stuff you know