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Gender MALE
Location San Francisco, California, United States
Introduction I have an interest in debunking materialism, Darwinism, scientism, and other ancient 19th-century dogmas. My YouTube page has some videos on intelligent design, etc. (See My Web Page on profile.) I'm not a creationist. I believe that all living things that are alive today, including humans, have descended from other different forms of life, over long periods of time. But I think that intelligence of some sort played some role in the origin of each species. I'm personally not a Christian, nor exactly a theist or even a deist. Intelligent design theory, in biology, is a logical and mathematical analysis of scientifically well-established evidence, which indicates that intelligence of some sort played a role in the origin of all species. To read quantum physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff's favorable review of the intelligent design book The Design of Life, click on the link to it on my blog, Intelligent Force. Mohrhoff: "There's no doubt in my mind that specified complexity is the 'smoking gun' of some other-than-human intelligence at work, as the authors maintain." My e-mail: sherwoodsan@yahoo.com
Interests spirituality, meditation, Zen Buddhism, intelligent design, parapsychology, mysticism, orthodox and unorthodox science